4025 South Mason Fort Collins, CO

Est. 2013

Our Beers

HEAD BREWER: Zach Wilson

  • no.1

    The Revenuer IPA: 7.5% ABV, 72 IBUs

    IPA (currently out)

    This IPA is packed with citrus and tropical fruit notes.  The crystal malt lends a nice kiss of sweetness to balance the hops and leave a refreshing finish

    Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus

    Malt: Pale and Crystal

  • no.2

    Gose: 5% ABV, 8 IBUs


    This sour wheat beer, brewed with coriander and salt, is such a sessionable beer that you might want to put it in a sippy cup!! Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you do! At first you’ll get a nose of tart and spice and then you’ll get an effervescent sour tingle on your tongue.  At the finish you’ll get hints of bubblegum and salty sourdough pretzel.

    Hops: Sterling

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Biscuit and Unmalted White Wheat

  • no.3

    the unCommon: 5.3% ABV, 32 IBUs

    Copper Ale

    This unCommon Common Ale has aromas of fresh baked tangerine biscuits and when you take the first sip you'll taste exactly what you smell.  This Common was made with ale yeast instead of lager yeast giving it a very smooth finish.  It'll be bubbly on your tongue, full of flavor, and very session-able!

    Hops: German Northern brewer

    Malt: Pale, Vienna, Crystal and Carapils

  • no.4

    Cerveza con sal y lima: 5.4% ABV, 17 IBUs

    Premium Lager

    Close your eyes and imagine laying on the beach listening to the waves of the ocean crashing and sipping on a refreshing cerveza with a hit of salt and lime.  That's where this lager will take you.  We took our Mexican Lager recipe and added salt and lime.  Zach, head brewer, likes his with a dash of pepper on top!

    Hops: Sterling

    Malt: German Pilsner, Vienna, Chateau Abbey

  • no.5

    Cranberry Copper Ale: 5.7% ABV, 17 IBUs

    Fruit Beer

    Brown sugar, spice and cranberries dominate the aroma of this seasonal brew.  At first sip tart cranberry and brown sugar sweetness combine to balance each others' flavors.  Then this brew finishes with this professional tasting note from our head brewer "a pumpkin cranberry apple pie cider beer".

    Hops: German Northern Brewer

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Biscuit, Crystal and White Wheat

    Special Ingredients: Brown Sugar and Spices from Old Town Spice Shop including Mulling Spice, Mace and Ground Ginger

  • no.6

    The Dame: 5.1% ABV, 20 IBUs

    Golden Ale

    The perfect ale to accompany summer fun activities. Straw in color with a light body, this brew has a refreshing hint of fresh picked lemons and oranges.

    Hops: Simcoe, Willamette and Crystal

    Malt: German Pilsner, Munich, Vienna and European Caramel Malt

The 1933 Brewing Company is located in the south Mason Street corridor area providing the communities between north Ft. Collins and Loveland breweries with a local craft-brewery within a few minutes of their residence. The concept behind 1933 is the ending of prohibition in the United States on December 5th, 1933 with the ratification of the 21st amendment. The prohibition era brought many changes to the United States with the rise of the American mafia, gangsters, moonshiners, rum runners, speakeasy clubs and a national ban on the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol. The 1933 will provide quality craft-brews in celebration of the freedom to manufacture and sell alcohol to the public. There will be 6 flagship beers on tap year round with up to an additional 6 taps of specialty and seasonal beers to provide the consumers with new and fresh products throughout the year. We will focus on selling our products out of our taproom in a fun and friendly environment.

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